About Our Friendship

Miss u friends

Miss u friends

Sitting here thinking about you today,
wishing that you weren’t so far away.
A friendship that was created all so soon,
is really starting to bud and bloom.
You bring a smile to my face each day,
with the little messages you send my way.
I hope in the years soon to come,
that our friendship will shine like the sun.
We share a special kind of love,
blessed by that of the Lord above.
Forever friends we will stay,
never allowing our bond to fray.
In my heart you will always stay,
as I cherish our friendship everyday.
Take my hand my dear friend,
and friends we will remain to the end.
I will lift you up when your feeling down,
giving you a smile to replace that frown.
Just as I know you would do for me,
without friends where would we be.


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